House Minority Report: King v. Burwell Will Eliminate $65 Billion in Tax Credits

December 16th, 2014

The Minority Staff of the House Committee on Energy an Commerce has released a district-by-district report explaining the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision invalidating the tax credits, in each district. In total, they estimate $65 billion will be lost.

The report from Rep. Henry Waxman, ranking member on the Energy and Commerce Committee, details the impact that a ruling against the law in the case, King v. Burwell, would have on taxpayers in every zip code.

“If the law’s opponents succeed, they will deprive Americans of $65 billion in tax credits, making it more difficult for millions of middle class families to have the health insurance coverage they need,” Waxman, one of the authors of the Affordable Care Act, said in a statement Tuesday.

The states with the most subsidies at stake include Florida, which stands to lose $12.2 billion; Texas, which could lose $8.5 billion; and North Carolina, which could lose $4.5 billion.


Though, the other way to think about it is that $65 billion is being spent illegally. People should also be troubled by that, but not likely.

This report is a handy guide for constituents to call their representatives when the tax subsidies go away. I’m sure Waxman was tempted to include the switchboard numbers. This is why Congress should start planning for this now, not later.