Wired: Hack This Trial

December 12th, 2014

Wired Magazine published a feature on how technology can assist legal trials.

Attorneys also have their eyes on IBM’s Watson Debater, which synthesizes information to develop arguments on different sides of an issue. “It’s developing the ability to put forth arguments in a logical way,” says Robert Weber, IBM’s senior vice president and general counsel, according to American Lawyer. “It will have lots of implications in the law.”

Sander says he and other legal tech entrepreneurs envision that a super-computer will someday do everything from researching case law to writing closing arguments.

“We’re all trying to inch closer to that by carving off tiny pieces of the big problem and making them easier,” Sander says.


There was a sub silentio reference to our work on LexPredict:

Although attorneys are, as a class, slow to change with the times, Sander is not the only software wiz pulling them into the future.

According to the ABA Journal, three law professors are developing a tool that’s predicting Supreme Court decisions with about 70% accuracy. The professors assume the tool will eventually be put to use for the lower courts, since there’s such a strong need for it.


Those law professors are Dan Katz, Mike Bommarito, and myself.