Will Gruber Subpoena Trigger Executive Privilege Battle?

December 9th, 2014

Much of Jonathan Gruber’s testimony before Congress consisted of saying that absolutely none of his comments from years ago were accurate. On his comments about the tax subsidies he said:

He also said, in a response to Rep. Desjarlais, that he wasn’t certain about the subsidies, as the President in 2012 may not establish a federal exchange, thus leaving the states in a lurch.

This supports the challenger’s position in King.

But more importantly, he adamantly refused to tell the Committee how much the government paid him. But even more importantly, he *refused* to explain whether he had any conversations with anyone in the Obama Administration.

It almost seemed like he was attempting to shield himself with executive privilege. Unreal.

The Committee said it will subpoena Gruber. Let’s see if DOJ intervenes to oppose the subpoena. That would make a remarkable battle over executive privilege.