RBG’s New Jabot?

December 2nd, 2014

It seems that Justice Ginsburg came back from the hospital with more than a stent.

In a post titled “Facebook and Ginsburg’s New Jabot,” Art Lien sketches a huge neck doily for RBG.



Mark Walsh provides a view from inside the Court of RBG’s decolletage.


Once she took her seat, though, Justice Ginsburg seemed to be right at home. SCOTUSBlog artist Art Lien says that she appeared to be sporting a new, wider-than-normal jabot. (Whether the decorative cream-colored neckpiece the Justice wore today is technically a jabot is beyond my or Art’s fashion expertise.)

Fortunately, I think this within my expertise. We are still in the realm of jabots, though RBG is pushing the bounds into a mane.