SSM Race to the Supreme Court

November 7th, 2014

Despite my best efforts last night to calculate the soonest that a petition for cetiorari could be considered from the 6th Circuit, it seems that both parties–the supporters and opponents of the laws–want the Court to hear the law, ASAP. So rather than taking the full 30 days, or even asking for an extension, it seems the case will be fastracked for consideration right after the New Year.

Chris Geidner reports that the plaintiffs will seek immediate review:

The Tennessee plaintiffs will be seeking immediate Supreme Court review of Thursday’s decision, lawyers tell BuzzFeed News.

“[G]iven the urgency of the issues for the Tennessee plaintiff couples, we will be asking the Supreme Court to review the Sixth Circuit decision rather than seeking en banc review,” National Center for Lesbian Rights lawyer Shannon Minter wrote to BuzzFeed News. …

“We hope to file within two weeks, and hopefully sooner, so that we can still be on the docket for this term—which means resolution by june 30, 2015,” she added.

Both sides feel the same way–the sooner there is a final resolution, the better:

“We want a case to go to the United States Supreme Court as quickly as possible. We want it to happen this term,” said Marc Solomon, national campaign director for Freedom to Marry. “We strongly believe that the country is ready for a national resolution.”

“I want this to get before the Supreme Court as soon as possible,” said Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes gay and lesbian marriage. “Every day that goes by is a travesty.”

The race is on!