Ted Cruz on Repealing Obamacare

November 5th, 2014

Senator Cruz, who may be vying for the Senate Majority leader position, offered these comments to CNN about how Obamacare can be repealed.

BLITZER: You might be able to pass the legislation in the House and the Senate. You will be in the majority. But he has got that veto. As you well know, he is going to be able to veto that kind of legislation. And you don’t necessarily have a two-thirds override.

CRUZ: No doubt. I think we should stand together. We should use reconciliation, we should pass full repeal. You’re right, the president will almost surely veto it. But then we should start systematically repealing some of the most burdensome aspects of Obamacare. We should systematically pass legislation that provides that you can’t have your health insurance canceled, you can’t lose your doctor because of Obamacare. Honor the president’s promise there. We should change the law so that people aren’t forced into part-time work. Millions of people, especially single moms, have been forced into part-time work. We need to change the law to do that. We need to prohibit insurance company bailouts. We need to pass law after law after law, responding to the American people, and put them up to the president and see if he is welling to veto every aspect of legislation that would protect the American people and provide relief to the people who are suffering.

Assuming Ted Cruz is still a Senator in 2017, and a GOP wins the White house, I wonder whether he could be e a Hugo-Black style appointment. Hugo Black was a thorn in FDR’s side, so the President put him on the Court. He stayed there for three decades and had a remarkable career, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I wonder if the Senate would be all to willing to see Cruz leave–even confirming him to get him out of the Senate! Food for thought. Though, could you imagine Justice Cruz replacing Justice Scalia?