5th Circuit Allows Texas Abortion Law To Go Into Effect. Will RBG Recuse?

October 2nd, 2014

The 5th Circuit has now reversed the lower court, and allowed a Texas abortion law to go into effect. Assuming the 5th Circuit en banc denies review, there will likely be an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court. Will RBG recuse?

I see that my little ‘ole post generated an MSNBC article by Irin Carmon titled “Conservatives condemn Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s abortion comments.” At least I’m an “influential blogger.” From my post, it spread to National Review, Alliance Defending Freedom, and beyond. I’m glad my blog is a cog in the Vast Right Wing conspiracy 🙂

Update: A flashback to Dahlia Lithwick’s comments on Justice Scalia in 2003:

Is this brilliant jurist losing his mind? Is he so frustrated by 17 years of failure to sway an allegedly conservative court to his side on social issues that he no longer cares who he offends or how biased he may appear? Has he become so swept up by the Coulter/Limbaugh/O’Reilly game of court-bashing that he cannot see how damaging it is when played by a justice? Or is he running for elected office? What possesses Justice Scalia to eschew the reclusive public life of many justices, or at least the blandly apolitical public lives of most, to play the role of benighted public intellectual and knight gallant in the culture wars?

The same applies equally to RBG.