Another Unprepared Dream

August 19th, 2014

At least once a semester I have the dream where I show up for class, totally unprepared to teach it. Last night I had a different version. I show up at a school where I am to give a Federalist Society talk (I am actually speaking there this semester). I start talking to the Chapter President, and say something like, “I’m really excited to talk about Hobby Lobby” (one of my topics this year). The President responds, I thought you were talking about Noel Canning and Executive Power.

Oh crap. I think. It was 11:40, and I had 20 minutes before the talk started, and was more-or-less unprepared to talk about Noel Canning. So I try to play it cool, and say, oh yeah, I was kidding. I mean’t Noel Canning. Then I ask for a few minutes alone to go prepare.

I go into this classroom, and start putting together a rough sketch of a Noel Canning talk, based on my Gridlock paper. I consider talking about NRLB, Obamacare modifications, DACA, and then decided against going into foreign affairs topics like Bergdahl and Libya. Yes, my dreams are this detailed–I was organizing an outline of talking points to guide me through the lecture.

But then, the Professor who would be commenting my talk (not the actual professor at that school) comes into the room and starts to chit chat. I look at the clock, and I have maybe 15 minutes left. I can’t think of a way to get rid of her, so I can continue preparing my lecture.

Then a student comes into the classroom to invite me to dinner. I got five minutes left, and I’m in trouble.

I don’t remember actually giving the talk. Hopefully I got a good turnout 🙂