Odd SCOTUS Dream At Sea

July 30th, 2014

Try as I may, I can’t escape the law. While afloat somewhere between Bermuda and Bayone, I had a very vivid Supreme Court dream. I was in the Supreme Court chamber, but it was open in a tropical setting. (I visited the Bermuda Supreme Court, and by chance saw a few minutes of a fairly rare murder trial, which are heard in the BSC’s original jurisdiction by a single Justice wearing a badass powdered wig).

All of the males Justices were wearing these spiffy white tuxedos, with black bow ties. The Chief Justice begins, and says that Justice Alito has the opinion in some case (I couldn’t make out the name of theĀ case).The reaction in the Courtroom was similar to the reaction on Twitter when we learned Alito had the decisionĀ in Harris v. Quinn and Hobby Lobby. People in the Court started screaming (the guards didn’t stop them) and someone clearly screamed out “Oh Fuck.”

Alito starts reading the opinion, then RBG interrupts him. She asks him some question, and challenges his presumptions. (Personally, I think such a rapport would be a lot more fun than reading majority and dissenting opinions from the bench). Alito takes it in stride, answers RBG’s questions, and continues reading his opinion.

That’s all I recall.