#AspenGate Update: You Won’t Be Able to Buy “Casebook Connect” Version In Campus Bookstores

July 29th, 2014

In my last post on #AspenGate, I noted that there were two versions of the 8th Edition of Dukeminier for sale: the traditional print version that you can keep ($223 with the ISBN of 9781454851363) and the “casebook connect” version that you rent ($182 with the ISBN of 9781454837602). I asked my campus book store to stock both versions.

I have since learned that this isn’t possible. Aspen is only allowing bookstores to sell the $223 traditional print version. If students want to obtain the $182 “casebook connect” version, they have to buy it online, and have it shipped to the school. For some reason, the 8th edition is not yet showing up on the Property catalog page, which is a problem because classes start in two weeks!

So here’s the long and short of it. Your students will only be able to buy the more expensive version in the book store, and can buy the cheaper version rental online. As you may expect, the book stores will not be advertising the online version in the stores, as it will undercut them.

I should stress that none of this was made transparent by Aspen. I only found this out through my diligent campus book store who filled me in on the details. I was previously under the impression that both books could be sold in the store, which is not correct. #AspenGate continues.