The State of the First Amendment Survey: 29% of Americans Can’t Name Any Right In First Amendment

July 11th, 2014

The First Amendment Center has released their annual survey on the First Amendment.  The results continue to be disappointing, but improving.

Nearly a third of Americans cannot name a single right protected in the First Amendment.

When asked to name the five specific freedoms in the First Amendment, 68% of Americans name freedom of speech, followed by 29% who say the freedom of religion, 14% mention the freedom of the press, 7% mention the right to assemble, and 1% name the right to petition. Twenty-nine percent of those surveyed cannot name any of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Those who could name freedom of speech and freedom of religion increased this year from 59% to 68% and 24% to 29% respectively. Meanwhile, the knowledge of right to petition and right of assembly decreased from 4% to 1% and 11% to 7% respectively. The percentage of Americans who can’t name any First Amendment rights dropped from 36% to 29%.



I will continue working with The Harlan Institute to make these numbers right.