I am cited in NYT Editorial on SCOTUSBlog Credentials

July 2nd, 2014

The New York Times Editorial Board came out swinging in favor of granting SCOTUSBlog a press pass. They cited one of my posts on the matter concerning the merits of the Standing Committee’s arguments:

These arguments are tenuous at best. Litigating is not lobbying, but, even so, the committee has credentialed, among others, foreign journalists fromstate-runpublications whose countries routinely lobby.

I’m the “best” link. I’ll reiterate my point. I think the rules, as written are asinine, and the government should not be in the business of selecting who is, and is not the media by such arbitrary measures. I also think SCOTUSBlog should get its pass. With that being said, if taken literally, the rules provide a reasonable basis to deny SCOTUSBlog the permit.