Karma’s a bitch. After Jury Incorrectly Voted To Acquit Burglar, Same Burglar Is Stabbed to Death

June 12th, 2014

Karma’s a bitch. You may have read about the case of Bobby Lee Pearson. A confused jury accidentally signed the “not guilty form” instead of returning a note saying they were deadlocked. Even though everyone realized the error, that is what you call an acquittal. And double jeopardy attaches. But, that only applies in the court of law. Outside, the Universe has a way of taking care of things.

Shortly after he was released, he was stabbed to death.

 California man, who released from a Fresno jail after a divided jury mistakenly returned a not-guilty verdict against him in a burglary case, was found dead on Thursday from an apparent stabbing, just a day after he was freed.

After his release, Bobby Pearson was believed to have gone to a residence to gather some personal belongings, Fresno police Sergeant Jaime Rios said. He was found dead at the same residence on Thursday morning.

“It did appear that the victim in this case had been having problems with the suspect, his sister’s boyfriend. They got into an altercation and the suspect stabbed the victim to death,” Rios said.

“The ironic twist is that he was released from jail. It was a hung jury on a burglary case, but the jury had filled out the wrong card, so he was released in error,” he added.

In similar jurisprudential irony, Ernesto Miranda would earn money by autographing Miranda cards. He would get into a bar fight, and was stabbed to death. Did they find who did it? Nope. They all invoked their Miranda rights, and lawyered up.