Baker Shrugged: Rather Than Bake Cake For Same-Sex Wedding, Baker To Stop Baking Cakes

June 2nd, 2014

I’m not even sure if this will work, as he is still a baker. I’m sure a couple could ask for wedding cookies or cupcakes. Anyway:

Phillips said he doesn’t believe in gay marriage and he refused to sell them a cake.

“We would close down the bakery before we would complicate our beliefs,” Phillips said after the hearing. Phillips also admitted he had refused service to other same-sex couples.

A judge previously ruled a business owner cannot refuse service to a customer on the basis of sexual orientation. Phillips appealed to the commission, but it upheld the decision.

That prompted Phillips to decide he would no longer make any wedding cakes. He said he would be fine selling cupcakes for a birthday party for someone who is gay but added, “I don’t want to participate in a same-sex wedding.”

The commission also ordered the baker to submit quarterly reports about the customers he refuses to serve and retrain employees to serve everyone.

Now here’s an even better question. Will Hobby Lobby close all of their stores rather than provide contraceptives, to avoid paying crippling fees?