Rahm Proposes New Gun Laws: Videotape All Gun Sales!

May 28th, 2014

Rahm Emanuel has proposed new measures to address gun violence, Chicago’s “most urgent problem.”

The proposal would restrict gun purchases for individuals to one a month and would mandate that all gun sales be videotaped, an effort to deter buyers from using false identification. Under the proposed ordinance, employees in gun stores would be required to undergo background checks and complete training to help them spot the common signs of gun traffickers. Retailers would be subject to a quarterly audit of inventory in an effort to reduce theft. In addition, the plan would impose a 72-hour waiting period to buy handguns and a 24-hour waiting period to buy rifles and shotguns.

Mr. Emanuel planned to introduce the report at a City Council meeting Wednesday morning.

“Chicago’s violence problem is largely a gun problem,” the report said. “Every year, Chicago police officers take thousands of illegal guns off the street. But, despite these efforts, it remains far too easy for criminals to get their hands on deadly weapons.”

Is there any indication how many guns criminals are using originate from lawful transactions, including straw purchases?

Anyway, the videotaping is a new one. I haven’t heard of that before.

Update: ThinkProgress summarizes the report:

Between 2009 and 2013, 60% of guns recovered in crimes in Chicago were originally purchased in other states – suggesting that interstate gun trafficking is a major source of street guns in Chicago. In fact, this level of crime guns originally purchased in other states is double the nationwide average for portion of interstate crime guns (30% according to a 2010 report from Mayors Against Illegal Guns).

Mayor Emanuel’s report highlights that there are a number of way that laws could be strengthened further to make it harder for Chicago’s criminals to obtain and carry firearms. At that state and local level, the report recommends tighter gun dealer monitoring laws, noting that just four gun stores supply nearly 20% of Chicago’s crime guns.