Obamacare Unraveled?

May 15th, 2014

When I first started planning my sequel to “Unprecedented,” I chose to title “Unraveled” because it seemed like the law was unraveling before our eyes. In recent weeks, it seems the title may work for different reasons. The opposite to Obamacare, and not the law itself, has “Unraveled.” I hope, by the end of this summer, to decide if I want to dedicate another year or so to a follow-up book on Obamacare. If you asked in me in November, at the height of the website meltdown and the government shutdown, my answer was almost certainly yes. If you asked me when the Administration announced the 7 million signups, my answers was maybe.

Now, with matters petering along, I’m leaning towards no. The GOP has effectively abandoned any opposition to Obamacare. This may be temporary, or maybe they are hatching a full-on blitz when the cancellation notices start coming in the fall. But, I think, even the rank and file have put away the impossible dream of repeal, and are focused on fixing this law.

There does not seem to be a good enough story or narrative to make the story work. I’m not interested in doing a mere play-by-play of the events. My blog accomplishes that. For a book, I want to tell a story. And here, the story seems to have ended at the apex. I’ll wait to see what happens over the summer, leading into the midterms.

Of course, lurking in the background, is Sissel, the origination clause case. Maybe if no one is looking, John Roberts will give himself a mulligan.