Who needs zoning boards when you can just bulldoze your neighbor’s mobile homes?

May 13th, 2014

I’ve often joked that zoning boards give people┬áthe power to bulldoze homes of their neighbors. This Florida Woman took that joke a bit too seriously:

Authorities say a northeast Florida woman who didn’t like her neighbors had their mobile home demolished.

According to an arrest report, Ana Maria Moreta Folch of St. Augustine told a heavy equipment operator that she owned the trailer and wanted it and its septic tank destroyed.

The Florida Times-Union reports (http://bit.ly/1mJ33qa) that St. Johns County Sheriff’s deputies were called when the trailer’s real owner arrived Monday and found the demolition underway.

The arrest report says Moreta Folch wanted the trailer bulldozed because she thought its occupants were “unsavory” and she suspected that they had broken into her car.