Justice Stevens Testifies, But Takes No Questions

April 30th, 2014

Well that was a letdown. Justice Stevens offered several brief points to the Senate about campaign finance reform, the meaning of the First Amendment, and how his colleagues on the Court would treat his proposed constitutional amendment. And then, he left. No questions. With Senator Ted Cruz sitting right there.

The only new bit is that he sought to draw a connection between Bluman v. FEC, which held that resident aliens could not vote, to Japanese aliens in the United States raising money to defeat FDR during World War II, to Sean McCutcheon who supported candidates from outside his district. In other words, to Stevens, politicians can only receive contributions from their constituents who vote for them. That would exclude, of course corporations, but also individuals from other districts.

Here are a few things I tweeted.

And then, as a treat, Ted Cruz opened up about the First Amendment.