Judge Posner Includes Photograph Of Plaintiff In Banana Costume, “Which is in the record.”

April 14th, 2014

I may be crazy, but Judge Posner may be responding to my claims about his judicial fashion show with his opinion in Catherine Conrad v. AM Community Credit Union. The opinion begins with a whimsical account of the Plaintiff’s business of dressing up like a banana.

POSNER, Circuit Judge. Catherine Conrad, the plaintiff, is a self‐employed singing and dancing entertainer (also a writer and motivational speaker, see “Bananaland,” www. bananalady.com/about.htm, visited on April 10, 2014, as were the other websites cited in this opinion). She calls her‐ self the “Banana Lady” and performs wearing a costume in the shape of a giant banana. You can watch her dancing the “Banana Shake” on YouTube, www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG‐QJWW6w5c.

But then, to satisfy all of our curiosities, Judge Posner includes a photograph of the lady in the banana costume–and stresses that it is “in the record.”


I will claim a minor victory here.  Citations to the record for photographs are always a good thing. Though, I’m sure it would be funny to see recent law school grads clerking on the 7th Circuit to “doff” and “don” banana costumes.

The rest of the opinion is pretty funny.

I’m sure the plaintiff will a’peel.