No Rolling Stone, John Hancock Didn’t Sign The Constitution

April 9th, 2014

On the most recent cover of Rolling Stone, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who will always be Elaine Benes) is naked, wearing nothing except a tattoo on her back of what looks like the first page of the United States Constitution. You can barely make out “We The People” before her flowing hair. Yet, near her lower back, inexplicably, there is John Hancock’s signature. John Hancock signed the Declaration, not the Constitution. On their website, they note that she is wearing “wearing absolutely nothing but the immortal words of America’s founding fathers.” It would be helpful if they got these immortal words right!


Apparently, Rolling Stone Magazine has been consulting with the National Archives Gift Shop, which also confuses the Declaration and the Constitution.

Does anyone read Rolling Stone in print anymore? Somehow, my name got on their mailing list, and even after I moved, the magazines followed. I throw them all out, immediately.