TurboTax Wants To Know If I Have “Obamacare,” and It Urges Me To Signup at Healthcare.gov.

April 5th, 2014

It begins. When filling out my 2013 taxes, TurboTax inquired if I had health insurance.


If I hit, “Yes,” it tells me “Great!”


If I hit no, it says it will “go over” my options for 2014.


At least they call it “Obamacare” in the explanation guide.


Even though I do have health insurance, I told TurboTax no out of curiosity. It prompts me with this urgent message!


If I click “Start Here,” it brings me to a launch page that invariably would directs me to the Obamacare exchanges. It even asks if I tried signing up, and couldn’t, and checks if I am eligible for an extension!


Here is another reason why Obamacare tax/penalty/mandate will be tough to repeal. The ACCOUNTANTS will LOVE IT. They are responsible, in part, for maintaing a complicated tax code.

While I’m on it, this may be one of the best parts of living in Texas. I distinctly remember doing my taxes last year. I had lived part of the year in Kentucky, and part of the year in Texas. I made it through the Kentucky taxes, and was so confused that Turbotax did not give me an option for Texas. Then, it actually hit me.