Criticizing Sotomayor in Yale Law Journal

March 29th, 2014

In a recent essay in the Yale Law Journal Forum, praising Justice Sotomayor’s five years on the Court, and her outreach as the “People’s Justice,” I found this gem :

One scholar, for instance, criticized as “disrespectful” Justice Sotomayor’s decision to push back the swearing in of Vice President Biden so she could attend her signing at Barnes & Noble.189 Whether these arguments are right about what it means to act judicially is a larger question, beyond the scope of this short Essay.

Heh. That scholar would be me. Recall that she rushed through the swearing in, to the point that VP Biden said something. Yes, I find this disrespectful. And as I uncovered in a later post, Sotomayor didn’t just go to New York for a book signing. She went to tape an episode of The Daily Show (see hereherehere, and here). Priorities.