Best (Worst?) Blog Comments Ever: “you took up my precious masturbation time with your terrible terrible god awful”

March 28th, 2014

In an effort to probe the contours of Lawrence and Windsor, I posed the question of whether a state could prevent gay brothers, in an incestuous relationship, from marrying. I get an inordinate number of hits on that post, and I suspected it didn’t have much to do with the “mystery of human life.” These comments, apparently from “mom” and “dad” validate my theory.

First, “Mom’s” comment (read for the second paragraph):

this is ridiculously pointless stuff to spend your time on man… do you not have anything, like any other thing that you could be doing right now other than writing this utterly-endlessly-worthlessly pointless blog entry.. think, have you walked your dog yet, picked up your kids, finished work, maybe spent some time volunteering at a local charity…. did you visit your ailing parents, reconnect with friends and relatives, did you maybe hone in on your skills for a useful hobby.. maybe learning how to sew to help your partner, practice a sport to become good enough to show your kids or to be active? you’re either A) an amazingly organised individual who has done all those things and has some free time on his hands kudos, B) someone who hasn’t done like 80% of those t hings an d neglects decent human interaction for momentary self gratification (you’ll know if you are by how quickly you read this message from when it was posted) or C) you have no one in your life and this is what it’s come down to, writing unimportant context in a category of life 0.0005% of the planet wouldn’t even think of if all other gay and marriage laws were completely legal in all countries. whats going on Josh? you’re better than this.

granted i did find this site by looking up “hot sex gay twins fucking each other”, as i imagine anyone who reads this has, it was more curiosity of its existence than anything else >.> <.< you hear that josh, the people on your site come looking to get off only to be disapointed when they read nonhelpful legal information on a hypothetical problem no one cares about! thats your life josh, thats your life.
you took up my precious masturbation time with your terrible terrible god awful time waste and you should be ashamed.


And “Dad’s” comment in reply (no my Mom’s name is not Debra):

i thought you told me to get out of the house because you were having your girlfriends over? instead you’re trying to find incest GAY PORN?? What the hell is going on Debra!?. also hi son, your blog is not a time waste, were all very proud, you’re doing great.

And “Mom” replied back (no my Dad’s name is not Ron):

i NEED you to get out of the house Ron we talked about this. i cant have you glaring at me from across the room wearing your little costume while touching yourself as i try to get off. IT JUST DOESNT WORK FOR ME. besides how did you find this blog entry?? from what i can remember whenever Josh mentions his blog you reply with “that online crap diary again” , so you definetly didnt look up his articles specifically… so the question i have Ron is, why are you looking up gay brother having incest sex online while you “out with the boys” because now, that takes on a whole new meaning for me.

“Dad” wasn’t done (no I don’t have a sister named Tina):

Debra you sexbeast.. let’s just drop this whole thing and meet up later for some sweat sex at the motel 8 after Tina’s recital. i crave your juices and i ache for your tender bingo arms… im quivering at the thought of you.

The internet is a magical place.