Messiah Clauses in Israeli Leases

February 23rd, 2014

Apparently, many landlords in Israel are inserting clauses into leases that terminate the tenant’s lease in the event that the Messiah comes–that way the landlord has a place to live!

 a growing number of landlords are adding clauses to rental agreements that void the deal if the religion’s savior returns to earth.

Real Estate agents and lawyers say most of the clauses involve landlords who are religious Jews living overseas. Many are worried that if the Messiah returns as prophesied, builds a third Temple, and creates a paradise in Israel, they will be stuck on the outside until their tenant’s leases run out.

As you might suspect, tenants are not happy with these provisions.

Some tenants are fighting back, saying they would not want to be on the streets if the promised day arrives. Most real estate agents say the issue has come up and some say they’re adding the Messiah clause to their standard leases.

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