Let’s Crowdsource All The Times the Solicitor General Provided Misleading/Inaccurate Statements to the Supreme Court, and (Maybe) Later Corrected The Record

February 11th, 2014

In an earlier post, I highlighted several instances where the government has misled/lied to the Supreme Court, particularly during war time, several commenters posted a few others I was not aware of. I think this would be a worthwhile project to list all of the instances where the government, particularly during (but not limited to) times of war, made statements to the Court, that we only later learned were not accurate/misleading/grossly exaggerated.

Below is a Google Docs spreadsheet which anyone can edit. I have added a few of the items I knew about, and others suggested in the comments. Please feel free to type below and add others.

I know the Solicitor General sometimes takes great pains to correct the record–after the fact. But by that point, the case has already been decided.