New Filings in Gascho v. Global Fitness Holdings, LLC (S.D. Ohio)

February 8th, 2014

I previously blogged about my role as an objector in Gascho v. Global Fitness Holdings, LLC (S.D. Ohio), a class-action case concerning a gym membership I signed up for while living in Louisville, Kentucky. I am represented by the Center for Class Action Fairness. There have been several new filings, which I have posted. In short, the plaintiffs have moved to strike my objection and have moved to dismiss the objection. The Center for Class Action Fairness has filed a reply in support of my objection, and a reply opposing the motion to strike. There is a hearing on Thursday, 2/6/14 in Federal District Court in Columbus, Ohio. Also, another objector has filed briefs.

The briefs are below the jump.

Update: On 2/11/14, a reply in support of the motion to strike was filed.  It is embedded below.

Urban Active.125. Motion to Strike Blackman Objection

Settlement Administrator Affidavit

Urban Active.126. D Response to Objection

Urban Active.128. P Response to Objection

Urban Active Reply in Support of Objection Final Final

Urban Active Response in Opp to Motion to Strike Final

Urban Active.135. Zik Objectors Reply in Support of Objection

Urban Active.137. Defendants Reply in Support of Motion to Strike