Justice Sotomayor was a Bartender and Bouncer at Yale Law School?!

February 4th, 2014

How did I not know this!? During a recent interview at Yale Law School, Justice Sotomayor mentioned that during her time in New Haven, she was a bartender and a bouncer!

While at Yale Law School, in addition to serving as a managing editor for the Yale Studies in World Public Order, Sotomayor was a bouncer and a bartender at GPSCY (Graduate Professional Student Center at Yale) bar.

This is so bad-ass. Very cool.

You can learn more about Gryphon’s Pub here. Here is a photo of the bar.


Update: How did then-Judge Sotomayor describe her employ in her Senate questionnaire? “Sales person.”


Justice Sotomayor shares a legacy with Pope Francis, who was also a bouncer.

While I was at YLS a few years ago, I found in the library her 1L facebook photo (see other yearbook photos here).