Justice Alito has “great admiration for Justice Scalito.”

February 3rd, 2014

Ha! Alito said Scalito!

Before he was confirmed by the Senate, Alito was known to opponents as “Scalito” because of a perceived ideological alliance with his soon-to-be fellow justice. Even Alito had a slip of the tongue Monday in talking about it.

“I have great admiration for Justice Scalito – Justice Scalia – easy to make a mistake – but we don’t always agree,” he said.

And someone gave Justice Alito an Alito figurine?

Before the speech, an audience member gave Alito a small figurine of himself, leading Alito to joke that he was going to look for similar figurines for the rest of his colleagues. Then, he said, he’s going to take them into the Supreme Court conference room after hours.

“I’m going to put them all around the conference table and I’m going to live my fantasy,” he deadpanned.

It certainly is not a bobblehead. Maybe it is a figurine by Patric Verrone?