Darwin Award Nominee: Man Posing for Photos On Train Tracks Killed By Train

January 21st, 2014


A man was hit by a train as he posed for pictures taken by his female friend over the weekend.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that the man was musician Jeff Ray, a member of the Jersey Boys band.

The 42-year-old Las Vegas man was sitting on the rails in Auburn, Washington while his friend snapped pictures with Mount Ranier as a backdrop when he was hit by an Amtrak Cascades train on Saturday.

What makes this story so surreal is that South Park had an entire bit about people getting killed by trains while posing for memes.

Another nominee would be the guy who fell into a freezing river in Chicago to retrieve his cell phone. Then his two friends followed him into the river. One died.

One young man is dead, and a woman is missing  and presumed dead after both fell into the freezing Chicago River trying to find a dropped cellphone early this morning.

A third man, who also ended up in the river, remains hospitalized.

Chicago Police say a 26-year-old man dropped his phone into the water, and slipped along the icy riverwalk trying to retrieve it.

A 23-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman, who were with the man, entered the water trying to help him. Witnesses called 911, and rescue crews pulled the two men out of the water but have not been able to find the woman.