Justice Sotomayor To Drop Ball in Times Square! And I’ll Be There!

December 29th, 2013

I lived in New York City my first 18 years of life, but never once went to Times Square for New Years. 2014 will be different. This year, AALS will be in Manhattan, starting on January 2. One of the hotels with discount rates for AALS was the Marriott Marquis, which is right in Time Square. Somehow, AALS managed to block off rooms during New Years Eve for a ridiculously low rate.¬†Somehow (I have no idea how), I was able to reserve a room at the Marquis on New Years Eve for $220 a night. When I saw that room was available, I jumped on it. I couldn’t even find the regular rate for the Marquis. Other hotels in the area were well over a thousand per night.

Anyway, I’ll be staying in Times Square on New Years Eve. And I get to see Justice Sotomayor drop the ball!