LegalTech App for Google Glass

December 26th, 2013

Thomas Bruce of Cornell LII fame is working on what I think is the first LegalTech App for Google Glass. In short, it allows you to look at a law posted on a sign, and the app will find the legal citation, and pull up the text of the statute. That’s pretty cool.

Here is how Tom describes it:

We have a tool called Citationer that extracts citations from documents, and it has a Tesseract-based OCR component that we use with image-based PDFs.  Turns out that it’ll work with any image format, and Wayne had built that capacity out a bit, in the expectation that people would want to use it with document images sent from phones.  And, as it turns out, from Glass.

So Wayne and Sara and I took two days out of the office to see if we could whack something together that would let you take a picture with Glass and send it off to a server-based application that would send you back a link or links to anything cited in the image.  The result, almost entirely Wayne’s work,  was an app called “Signtater”.  It works well with documents and some signage, and it raises a lot of questions.

Very cool.

H/T Legal Informatics Blog