Justice Ginsburg Honored And Kvels At Justice Kagan at American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists

December 23rd, 2013

How did I not know about this? SCOTUSBlog: these are the types of things that should be in your roundup. OK? Thankfully Michelle Olsen knows everything.

Here are RBG’s remarks, and some of the highlights:

Those of you who have attended Court sessions know what a wise and witty participant Elena is at oral argument. Her opinions display the best of the careful jurist’s art — she never seeks to carry the day by sweeping opposing arguments off the table. And her style is irresistibly engaging. The reader is apt to think, from her clarity, fluency, and good humor, that she was assigned an altogether easy case. But I know the hours and hours it takes to make it sound that way.

Elena has been a star performer in whatever she undertakes.

Her first year as a member of the Court, under the tutelage of Justice Scalia, she became an intrepid hunter. The personal trainer with whom she boxes tells me she has the best Jab, Cross, Hook punch combination on the bench.

As junior Justice, she heads the cafeteria committee, a truly daunting assignment.  There’s not much one can do to make it better.  But she found one thing she could fix even on a paltry budget.  Thanks to Elena, a frozen yogurt machine dispenses sustenance all can enjoy.

RBG is kvelling!