Catholic High School Students Protest Forced-Resignation of Gay Vice Principal

December 22nd, 2013

As I’ve commented before, with cases like this, Hosannah-Tabor is not going to cut it.

A movement that began with the fight for a vice principal who lost his job over gay marriage is now gaining national attention as Eastside Catholic High School students spread their message through social media and on the streets.

“I think the students are giving a very important message that love wins and discrimination has no place in our society,” said Karen Fredriksen-Goldsen, who attended a rally in Seattle on Friday that took place outside of the Archdiocese of Seattle.

At the rally, students were calling on the Catholic church to change its stance on same-sex marriage.

Eastside Catholic vice principal Mark Zmuda resigned this week after the Archdiocese learned Zmuda married his same-sex partner during the summer – a violation of his contract with the school and Catholic teachings.

More than 100 people attended Friday’s rally, including Mayor-elect Ed Murray who was invited by the organizers.

“I would hope that our church would recognize a person based on their ability to hold a job, their personal character, and not based on the person that they love,” Murray told the crowd.

Pope Francis could not be reached for comment here.