Geofrey Stone Compares Edward Snowden to Gun-Control Activist Who “Kills 15 Kids” So State “Enacts Gun Control.”

December 20th, 2013

I don’t even know what to make of such an absurd and offensive statement from the former Dean of the University of Chicago Law School, Geofrey Stone.

Despite the panel’s conclusions, Stone strongly  rejected the idea they justified Snowden’s actions in leaking the NSA documents about the phone collection. “Suppose someone decides we need gun control and they go out and kill 15  kids and  then a state enacts gun control?” Stone said, using an analogy he acknowledged was “somewhat inflammatory.” What Snowden did, Stone said, was put the country “at risk.”

“My emphatic view,” he said, “is that a person who has access to classified information — the revelation of which could damage national security — should never take it upon himself to reveal that information.”