I received the 2013 “Pope Pickin’ Award” From the Texas Lawyer Year in Review Edition

December 19th, 2013

The Texas Lawyer featured me in their 2013 year in review article, appropriately titled, the Tongue-In-Cheek Awards, for my work on FantasyPope (that feels like forever ago!).

Josh Blackman, an assistant professor at South Texas College of Law, wins the Pope Pickin’ Award for launching the website fantasypope.com on Feb. 28 to give people a chance to predict the next pope. Blackman, who focuses on constitutional law and the U.S. Supreme Court, has operated fantasySCOTUS.net since 2009 to give the public an opportunity to predict the outcome of cases before the high court. But predicting the next pope proved to be problematic. “We didn’t get it right,” Blackman says. Perhaps Blackman and the would-be pope predictors just lacked divine insight.

Yep we blew that prediction. The crowds were not so wise here.

I’m honored to be selected alongside the winner of the All-A-Twitter Award from Justice Willett:

Another jurist, Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett, is the winner of the All A-Twitter Award. Willett, who has more than 3,800 followers, tweets a daily stream of photos, personal factoids, political commentary, legal news, sports trash talk and miscellaneous links. So, when does he find time to write opinions?