Near-Breyer Page, Accentuated By Breyer Laughter

December 10th, 2013

From oral argument inĀ EPA v. EME Homer City Generation, L.P., we have a near-Breyer page, accentuated by his own joke.

JUSTICE BREYER: Why is it wrong? That is, I focused on your argument here in the briefs, which is very clear and very good. And — and the example that comes to my mind is we have an overgrazing problem in State A. All right? It’s caused because cows come in from State B and sheep come in from State C. The cow men and the sheep men are in different States. They’re not friends. (Laughter.)

But in conjunction with the next page, we have 35 lines of uninterrupted SGB. Poor Peter Keisler (who I’m sure watched today’s Senate Confirmation vote), began his response, “I’ll try to respond to that–that fully, Justice Breyer.”