Justice Sotomayor Wows at Kennedy Center

December 10th, 2013

From The Reliable Source, it seems that Justice Sotomayor, who was slated to present at the Kennedy Center Honors, forgot her dress at the dry cleaners. So, she went and bought another one! Well done, Justice.

So, turns out Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is – at least off the bench – just like us. The unflappable jurist was actually pretty jittery about appearing on the Kennedy Center Honorsstage Sunday night.

“You have no idea how nervous I was,” she told us at the post-performance dinner. “Everyone who does this show is an accomplished actor or actress. Yes, I’m accustomed to public speaking- but not acting.” And so she rehearsed. . .and rehearsed. “I practice everything.”

Sotomayor, who hosted the tribute to opera diva Martina Arroyo, made history as the first Supreme Court justice to appear in the Honors show in its 36 years. And the crowd went nuts.

“You’re the only one who got a standing ovation just for walking across the stage,” Kennedy Center chairman David Rubenstein told her later on that night.

And can we talk about that dress? The woman most often draped in a black robe looked positively soignée in a midnight blue sleeveless gown with a scoop neckline. She had planned to wear another dress, but forgot it was at the dry cleaners – so she and a friend raced out Sunday morning to buy a replacement. “My friend said it was divine intervention because it was prettier than the one I had,” said Sotomayor.

This was a side of Sotomayor that we don’t normally see. And that, friends, is the glory of the Kennedy Center Honors: The annual gala draws A-listers from politics, music, Hollywood, and Broadway – all schmooshed together in intimate, unexpected ways.

This town. Also in attendance were Chief Justice Roberts and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.