Man Wakes Up On Dark Empty Plane in Houston

December 9th, 2013

This will happen to me one day.

 A man was flying from Louisiana and had a layover in Houston when he says he fell asleep on the plane and was locked inside.

In an exclusive interview with the passenger, Tom Wagner tells ABC13 Eyewitness News what he did the moments after he woke up to a dark cabin. …

United Express is investigating how this could this happen. Once in Houston, no one bothered to wake up Wagner — not a passenger, flight attendant or pilot. So, he slept.

“They didn’t sweep the plane,” Wagner said. “I mean, who shut the door?”

Saturday afternoon, Expressjet issued this statement to Eyewitness News: “An ExpressJet passenger remained on board flight 4245, operating as United Express from Lafayette, La. to Houston on Friday, Dec. 6, after all passengers had deplaned. ExpressJet is investigating to determine how this occurred. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused for the passenger.”

The airline said there was a post-flight walk-through that was done, but the company couldn’t explain how they missed Wagner.

“Let this be a lesson. It was incident enough. It was a faux pas,” said James Conway with Global Intel Strategies Inc.