A List of Obamacare “Fixes”

December 9th, 2013

A helpful list from Phillip Klein:

As businesses barked about the requirement that they provide qualifying health insurance or pay a fine, Obama decided not enforce the law’s employer mandate in 2014, even though the law explicitly states that’s when it’s supposed to kick in.

As technological problems mounted, HHS delayed the implementation of some income verification requirements for those applying for federal health insurance subsidies, without delaying the subsidies.

When Big Labor griped about a “reinsurance fee” that would be imposed on some union health care plans, HHS simply redefined the universe of health plans subject to the fee so that itexcluded unions — forcing others to provide the lost revenue.

In the face of a public backlash over millions of Americans having their health insurance policies cancelled despite the president’s repeated assurances that it wouldn’t happen, Obama announced that he simply wouldn’t enforce the requirements on insurance policies that are clearly spelled out in the law.

With insurers complaining that Obama’s “administrative fix” to plan cancellations could pose unanticipated costs, HHS has now proposed altering a provision of Obamacare known as the “risk corridors” program to funnel more money to the industry.