Sequel to Unprecedented: “Unraveled”

November 24th, 2013

i have been toying with the idea of writing a sequel to Unprecedented, that follows the path of Obamacare from 2013 (where my last book stopped) until some undefined terminus (maybe 2014, maybe 2016). What makes this plan difficult is that I have no idea how this book ends. In truth, when I began writing Unprecedented, I also had no clue how it would end (I predicted the Court would strike down ACA–I was wrong). But at least there a finite number of options–the Court upholds it, or doesn’t.

But for the sequel, I have absolutely no clue where we are headed. I should have a better sense of what is going to happen by the beginning of January, and more clearly by March. But, in the run-up to the 2014 midterm elections, so many things can happen. (Who the hell would have predicted the past two months over the summer?) And if the Republicans capture both branches of congress a lot more stuff can happen. And, if the unpopularity remains, this could this could be a decisive issue in 2016, where a Republican President may do some more stuff.

Or, come January, the web site starts to work, people sign up and stop complaining, and everything becomes okay. (I’m not too optimistic for that latter option).

In any event, weaving together the narrative from 2008-2013, with the next four years of Obamacare should make for a compelling read. I’m already getting excited writing about our Junior Senator reading Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor (remember that?). Plus, I can see some strong legal angles with the contraceptive mandate litigation, and maybe the origination clause and exchange cases.

As for a title, it came to me this morning as I was reading Game Change II. Or maybe it was last night as I was reading this George Will column. Both focused on the unraveling of the Obama presidency. Anyway, what do you think of” Unraveled.” I like that word, and I’ve heard it being used many times during the current Obamacare debate. It summarizes how this law is slowly coming apart, largely collapsing on its own weight. Through one waiver at a time, the law is beginning to chip apart. Also, it has a good alliterative relationship with Unprecedented. And maybe to play on “The Constitutional Challenge to Obamacare” the sequel can be subtitled “The Political Demise of Obamacare.”

I’ll give this some more thought. What do you think?