New Jersey To Ban Sale of All Guns Without Digital Locks–Except for the Police

November 23rd, 2013

New Jersey is poised to ban the sale of all “personalized” firearms that do not have digital locks. These guns will only work through using biometrics, or by wearing an RFID-equipped watch and entering a code. I’m serious.

Now, a German company, Armatix GmbH, is close to putting the first such “personalized” handgun on U.S. shelves. The model, called the iP1 Pistol, can be set up to fire only when its owner is wearing a special watch that communicates with the gun. …

To use the Armatix, the gun’s owner must enter a five-digit passcode into the watch, which then communicates wirelessly with the weapon to unlock it. The user can set the pistol to be active for one to eight hours. …

At the end of the law’s three-year phase-in, the only handguns that could be sold in New Jersey would be personalized ones. But the law wouldn’t affect guns that residents already own.

Supporters say that if the Armatix gun isn’t the one that sets the New Jersey law in motion, another model will. Guns often mentioned include one by an Irish company called TriggerSmart Technologies, which is activated when the user slips on a special ring or bracelet, and the “Intelligun,” by Kodiak Industries of Utah, which uses a fingerprint-based locking system.

What is this Captain Planet? Slide on the ring, and “The power is yours!”

This would, of course, constitute a backdoor ban on the sale of countless firearms. Not to mention these digital guns are very, expensive.

The iP1 Pistol will cost $1,399 and the watch an additional $399, Armatix said. That is a significant premium over a Glock or Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. SWHC +1.10%handgun, which costs in the range of $400 to $500.

And, of course, NOT RELIABLE. Who knows if these things will work.

But trigger-happy police officers don’t need to worry.

Backers said they didn’t extend the law to police to prevent complications in the bill’s passage.

Oh New Jersey.