List of Obamacare “Fixes”

November 20th, 2013

In order to make Obamacare work, the President has implemented a number of “fixes.” No legislation is necessary here.

  • The administration is offering subsidies to people buying insurance on the exchanges in federal-run exchanges, even though the statute says only those in state-run exchanges can receive such subsidies.
  • The administration delayed the enforcement of the employer mandate for a year.
  • The administration is allowing insurers to offer non-qualifying plans in 2014, and if they don’t, they need to send onerous disclosures to customers explaining why. Plus insurers are still subject to private causes ofa ction.
  • Megan McCardle reports that the administration is now allowing people who buy insurance directly from insurers to receive subsidies, even though the statute forbids such subsidies.

Am I missing any?