I am quoted in article on Big Data and the Law in the Texas Lawyer

November 18th, 2013

Here is the intro of the article, titled “Rise of the Machines: Using Big Data to Make Better Decisions“:

Lawyers have always gathered and analyzed data to minimize risks for their clients.

But in the era of big data, algorithms and data-analysis applications could make it possible for lawyers to be more like fortune-tellers. Harnessing big data could reveal the best case strategy or even predict the outcome. While that may be rare now, some firms are using big data for a less esoteric purpose: setting accurate fee estimates for their clients.

And my quote:

Josh Blackman, assistant professor at South Texas College of Law, said he thinks lawyers could use predictive data analytics to assist in their decision-making.

“It’s still the lawyers making decisions. But they can make decisions using better information,” Blackman said.

This is the phenomenon I have referred to as “Assisted Decision Making.”