Emergency Weather Alert in Houston

November 12th, 2013

I seriously received this email today. Today will be a high of 72 and low of 37. And that warrants an emergency alert. Oy.

ALERT – Cold Weather expected / Wind Advisory in effect until 6:00pm

Hazardous Weather Information

The National Weather Service says that cold weather will begin impacting the City this afternoon and into tomorrow.  While temperatures are not anticipated on reaching freezing levels within the City limits, it is important to note that wind chill will cause temperatures to feel like they are below freezing. Please also note that this forecast is subject to change, and should be monitored closely.

NWS has also issued a Wind Advisory for the City until 6:00pm today.  Winds are anticipated to be 20-30 miles per hour and gusty.

Protective Actions

Departments should take steps to ensure that City assets and personnel are adequately protected from the cold weather.  This includes protecting personnel who may work outside, and ensuring that assets which are sensitive to cold weather are protected.

Departments should also ensure that City personnel driving high-profile vehicles take extra precautions as windy conditions continue.  The highest threat are those driving on roadways that run east to west.

Additional Information & Instructions

The City of Houston Emergency Operations Center is NOT activated, and the Office of Emergency Management remains at Level IV (Routine Readiness) monitoring changing weather conditions with the National Weather Service.

Please forward any reports of service impacts to OEM by emailing[email protected] or by contacting the 24-hour duty officer at (713) 859-4257.