Rand Paul Plagiarized from Jon Adler and Tim Sandefur?

November 7th, 2013


As BuzzFeed previously reported, more than three pages of the book were plagiarized from The Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute, and another section of the Kentucky senator’s book was plagiarized from a Forbes article.

As was the case with the other cut-and-pasted jobs, Paul included links to the works in his book’s footnotes but made no effort to indicate that the words themselves had been taken from other sources.

In this case, Paul copied nearly verbatim a section from an article by Timothy Sandefur of the Pacific Legal Foundation that ran in Regulation, the Cato Institute’s quarterly journal in January 2012. In another instance, Paul copied nearly verbatim a section from an article by Jonathan Adler that ran in the magazine in 2010. Another section copied nearly verbatim a section that ran in Environmental Protection.