Husband (Bears Fan) Tases Wife (Packers Fan) After She Lost Bet

November 6th, 2013

Remember in Torts where you study whether someone can consent to be battered? Well, is there consent here?

The Green Bay Packers‘ loss to the Chicago Bears was particularly painful for one Packers fan who was tasered by her husband, who is a Bears fan, to settle a bet after Monday’s game.

John Grant, 42, of Tinley Park, Ill., told police that he and his wife made the wager as they watched the game at a bar in Mayville, Wis., but his wife told police that she didn’t think her husband would follow through with it.

After the Bears beat the Packers 27-20, Grant and his wife, who police say had both been drinking, went outside to an alley next to the bar to smoke cigarettes. Grant tasered his wife twice in the buttocks while she filmed it with her cellphone camera.

Mayville police chief Christopher MacNeill said the woman was laughing during the first two taserings caught on video, but when Grant tasered her a third time in the thigh, this time not on video, she apparently considered that over the line. An argument ensued that led to the woman calling the police.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” MacNeill said. “It takes the rivalry to a whole new level.”

MacNeill said at first the woman said Grant tasered her without her consent but after the officer viewed the cellphone video and saw her laughing, he determined that he did not have enough evidence to arrest Grant for battery.

Methinks there are problems greater than football between this husband and wife.

Also, I once asked one of the officers at the federal courthouse where I clerked about his taser, and he mentioned that he once volunteered to be tased. He told me it was unbelievably painful, and I think he even lost control of his bowels. This is not a joke.