New Op-Ed: “Obamacare’s three broken promises”

November 5th, 2013

I have a new Op-Ed in the Daily Caller citing the three broken promises made in selling Obamacare:

In 2009, the president sold Obamacare to the American people on three promises made in response to concerns about health care reform. First, people were worried that they would lose their health insurance policies; the president promised that they could keep their policies. Second, people were worried that Obamacare would raise premiums; the president promised that premiums of those with insurance would go down. Third, people did not want a tax increase; the president promised that there would be no new taxes under Obamacare.

These three promises were instrumental in selling the law to Americans, many of whom voted for the president. Now, we are coming to realize that these promises have all been broken. And most troubling, the President knew these were promises that would not be kept. Only now are we beginning to realize the full impact of Obamacare, and it differs substantially from how the law was sold.

I suspect there will be many other broken promises that come to light as this law continues.