Lex Machina Launches New Legal Analytics Tool

October 29th, 2013

Lex Machina, a longtime leader in the field of legal informatics, today introduced a new legal analytics tool, “which provides data sets about judges, lawyers, parties, and patents, allowing law firms and companies for the first time to predict the behaviors and outcomes that different legal strategies will produce.”

Through “Lexpressions,” Lex Machian crawls through Pacer and the USPTO to compile and aggregate all data about cases, filtered through natural language processing technology. This is a serious technical feat, and they are accumulating vast amounts of information.


Patent-Case-Outcomes-tWith this data, Lex Machian easily digests the outcomes of cases:

Easily view all patent case outcomes for a specific judge or district, displayed in easy-to-read charts and graphs supported by interactive case lists. Drill, for example, into the list of all cases decided by a specific judge where a claimant won on summary judgement, then investigate what strategies worked in those cases.

Keep an eye on the rollout of this new tool. Legal informatics are going big!