Ilya Confusion Watch: Which Ilya Works at Cato?

October 28th, 2013

The latest update comes from America Magazine:

Friday’s post prompted quick but thoughtful responses from the Cato Institute’s Ilya Somin and Reasonmagazine’s J.D. Tuccille.

Of course they meant Ilya Somin, but does he work at Cato?

One of the more constant sources of confusion with respect to the Battle of the Ilyas is that both work at Cato. Technically. Shapiro is a Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies. Somin is but a mere Adjunct Scholar.

So when someone refers to the Ilya that works at Cato, they probably mean Shapiro, though Somin is technically correct. But, as in the previous case, people who refer to Shapiro working at GMU are clearly wrong. (Shapiro should adjunct at Mason to really gum things up).

Somin claims that the American Magazine writer was technically correct. Shapiro writes by email that ” it’s actually Ilya-confusion confusion.”

The Ilya Confusion watch continues.