Texas Judge Texts Prosecutor During Trial, Suggesting Questions to Ask Witness

October 25th, 2013

This is appalling.

According to Coker’s agreement to resign, she allegedly texted then-Assistant District Attorney Kaycee Jones during a trial “to suggest questions for the prosecutor to ask during the trial; to ensure that a witness was able to refresh his memory and rehabilitate his testimony . . . and to discuss legal issues pertinent to the case.” Despite Judge Coker’s alleged breach of judicial impartiality, Jones was unsuccessful in obtaining a conviction.

The judge resigned, but did not admit guilt.

The agreement goes on to say “the parties agree that the allegations of judicial misconduct, if found to be true, could result in disciplinary action against Judge Coker.” As a result, the parties sought to resolve the matter “without the time and expense of further disciplinary proceedings.”

Coker did not admit any guilt or fault.

Her resignation will take effect Dec. 6 but she will take a voluntary leave of absence until that time and not perform any official duties. Under the agreement, she will be disqualified from sitting or serving as a judge in Texas,

Though, if I may laugh for a second, professors often tell students that they can’t use electronic devices in class because they won’t be able to use them in court. Anyway.